Favorite Hometown Heros


Who is your favorite and what makes him or her special?


Bill Delaney: Howard Mott. Howard was not only a wonderful human being, but he was a Navy pilot during WWII and represented his country with honor and dignity. He was a true gentleman who cared about others and proved it every day of his life. Since I first met Howard 30 years ago, he has been an example of what I hope to be, and I work hard at following his example. 

Tony Corica: Jack Clark, the former sports editor of the Alameda Times Star. The Times Star was truly a local paper, written and printed in the Times Star Building across from City Hall. Jack took a personal interest in reporting local sports events, highlighting one of Alameda’s greatest assets—its local parks—and the youth that grew up there. Jack was a nongolfer who helped spearhead the early 1970s effort to save the South Course from being developed into home sites. That same course that bears his name is in the process of being developed into one of the finest municipal courses in the Bay Area.

Mary Reiser: Father William Marshall, now retired, is my all-time hometown hero. Father Marshall was assistant pastor to Monsignor O’Brien at St. Philip Neri for many years. To me, he will always be the personification of what a priest should be. I’ve known him for over 40 years and know him to be a man of God for whom I have the deepest respect.

Terri Long: My hometown hero has to be Kyle Conner for the contribution he has made to our town by lovingly and painstakingly restoring the historic Alameda Theatre. My husband and I refuse to see a movie in any other theater. Kyle continues to innovate with the addition of food and beverage service and has made the movie experience completely unique for the residents and visitors to our island community.

Mario Mariani: Emil Firpo is my hometown hero. He just had a birthday and is in his late 80s. Emil is what I hope to match now and when I am his age. He and I have been going to a gym together for over 50 years. This amazing man golfs weekly, attends Italian dinners regularly, and believes in family. These are all things I believe in and admire.

—Gina Jaber

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