Friday's Briefing: Oakland city administrator criticizes City Council for allowing her assistant to be berated by the public

Rent control proposition may be coming to the 2020 ballot


Oakland City Administrator Sabrina Landreth, in an email to the City Council, called them complicit with community activist who called her assistant a "murderer."

D. Ross Cameron

News you don't want to miss for Dec. 6-8:

1. Oakland City Administrator Sabrina Landreth slammed members of the City Council's Life Enrichment Committee for being "complicit" by way of their silence after a community activist berated Assistant City Administrator Joe Devries, calling him a "murderer," while another grabbed his arm, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Wednesday's special meeting focused on the city's plan for banning overnight camping in parks and plazas. $$

2. A rent control ballot initiative may once again come before California voters next year, the Sacramento Bee reports. The same group placed a rent control initiative on the ballot in November 2018, but it was defeated. $$

3. Speaker Nancy Pelosi directed House committees to begin drafting articles of impeachment against President Trump, the Associated Press reports. Based on an early timetable, the House could vote on impeachment just days before Christmas. "The only remedy for his repeated misconduct is impeachment," Oakland Rep. Barbara Lee tweeted.

4. Bay Area home prices are dipping, but limited supply is still keeping prices high, the Mercury News reports. A "modest correction," though, could be on the horizon in 2020. $$

5. The Trump administration's new rule will strip food stamps from up to 3.7 million Americans, including 625,700 in California, Calmatters reports. The move is intended to encourage "able-bodied" recipients toward self-sufficiency, but is forcefully opposed by Democrats, and some Republicans.

6. "The family of Dujuan Armstrong, who suffocated to death in jail last year, is suing the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and deputies who put the jailed man in a restraint device, the family’s attorney announced," the San Francisco Chronicle reports. $$

7. Don't get too down on Sen. Kamala Harris dropping out of the Democratic presidential race this week. Her former chief rival, Joe Biden, said he would consider her as his vice-president, if he wins the nominationPolitico reports.

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