Hella Vegan Eats Launches GoFundMe Campaign

The POC-owned pop-up seeks a new space.


Image courtesy of Hella Vegan Eats

After allegedly being asked to end its three-year pop-up relationship with Oakland vintage-car dealership Classic Cars West, Hella Vegan Eats is now seeking crowdfunding in hopes of relocating.

As reported at VeganNews: "Michael Sarcona, the owner of Classic Cars West ... asked [Hella Vegan Eats] owners Tiff Esquivel and Silvi Peligras to pack up and move out by February 28 due to 'many irreconcilable differences.'

"Sarcona wants to have control of the food in his establishment and has hired a chef to cook vegan food starting on March 1," VeganNews continues.

At their GoFundMe page, Esquivel and Peligras explain:

"We are deeply heartbroken to be in this position and because of many personal tragedies, this displacement has left us feeling totally decimated, emotionally exhausted, and unable to navigate forward.

"Our biggest accomplishment as a business over the years as been our ability to offer employment to queer, trans, POC and to build community around mutual aid and inclusion. And now it's all being placed on hold until we can re-establish ourselves in a new location.

"We are reaching out to our community for support to help us rebuild a secure spot and to support our employees during a period of unemployment. Any money raised here will directly help our current employees to be paid and help us offset moving costs as soon as we get them.

"We have been avidly scouting locations and we are hopeful that re-building is soon on the horizon but getting there is going to be extraordinarily difficult.

"If you have any means to help support this queer-trans POC owned and operated business, please consider donating.

"We began selling tamales at Art Murmur 10 years ago as queer babies at age 21. This has been a constant dream to establish a space in Oakland where people of all walks can be a part of supporting trans-queer people all the while enjoying previously undreamed flavors, foods and experiences of community.

"Supporting and sharing this gofundme will directly support our dream and help our outstanding crew of rad people. We truly need you now. Any and all support will be treasured in our hearts forever," the owners wrote. 

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