Pro Arts Hosts Program to Uplift Sexual Assault Survivors

Choreographies of Disclosure seeks to empower queer and trans people who have experienced sexual violence.


Photo by Quinn Peck

Organized by performance artist Jadelynn Stahl, Choreographies of Disclosure: What the Mind Forgets is a long-form project that aims to uplift the voices of queer and trans survivors of sexual assault. In collaboration with LGBTQ artists, Stahl has created an exhibition that starts a dialogue about sexual violence as it impacts this underrepresented community. The queer and trans artists, who are also survivors, have shared their stories with Stahl, who then transformed their narratives into pieces of written choreography. These documents were then given to the artists, who developed their own interpretations of the content in whatever medium they preferred.

To ensure the process was empowering and restorative, artists reviewed the work and had final say over its outcome. The resulting product is four written choreographies and four response works, which are on display at the five-week-long exhibition. Alongside the exhibitions will be various performances, panels, and community forums from local artists and organizers. Participating artists include Eliza Barrios, Cassandra Clark, Oriana Doria-Quesada, Leslie Dreyer, Angela Hennessy, Lydia Greer, Jo Howard, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, LeahAnn Mitchell #lamfemmebear, Quinn Peck, Reaa Puri, and Azin Seraj. Overall, Choreographies of Disclosure celebrates queer and trans survival, resistance, and resilience, and allows these artists to be the ones in charge of their own healing.

Choreographies of Disclosure: What the Mind Forgets, opens Fri., Jan. 11, and runs through Fri., Feb. 15, opening reception Fri., Jan. 11, 6-9 p.m., Pro Arts Gallery, 150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Oakland,

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