Disappointment Over Carnegie Project

Readers express dismay over failure of the Carnegie Innovation Hall.


Disappointment Over Carnegie Project

Too bad for Alameda [“Bye, Bye Carnegie Innovation Hall,” December]. The process is fully broken. Happens with every big opportunity.

—Crystal Blue


 It’s a shame. Michael Sturtz seemed like the perfect person to take on this project and very qualified to do so.

—Laurence Zambrano


Alameda’s city council sucks.

—Gail Howell


Doña’s Carnitas

Lard is good for you [“Soft and Slow,” December]. Your body knows perfectly well how to digest it and what to do with its energy.

—Joan Soo



The name of Dr. Rockson Liu was misspelled in December’s Healer article. Here’s the correct website for gift item No. 8 from the Rosie the Riveter Trust Visitor Education Center gift store in the gift guide: RosieHomeFrontStore.com.


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