Harbor Seal Haven

Readers sound off on floating docks for seals, Dave Newhouse, Mandy's Jewelers, and Rae Dunn.



It's a New Float

The article “Building a Better Beach” [December] stated “as harbor seals clung to an old floating dock about 200 yards from shore ... ” The phrase is lyrical, even poetic, but not true to the facts. There is a new floating dock for the seals now in place, and the seals have taken to it fine. The old floating dock was destroyed and hauled away in July. An article in July 2015, “Seal of Approval,” used my photos, when the old dock was still in place. The new “float” has been a success; the seals stuck with it even through four moves eastward, and now it sits in its permanent spot.

Mark Klein, Alameda


And He’s Still Writing

Thanks for including me in your December magazine, though “legendary” and “beloved” might take some getting used to. Mike Healy wrote a great piece [“Still Writing”] regardless. Be looking for my book on the tragic 1972 Munich Olympics, co-authored with Eddie Hart, in March or April.

Dave Newhouse, Oakland


Words of Thanks

I wish to thank you for the excellent article “Heading South,” [September] about our store, Mandy’s Jewelers. I also want to thank you for sending Dave Strauss to photograph some of our pieces that were in your December issue, “It’s a Wrap.” We were very excited and thrilled.

Mandy Britto, San Leandro


Rae Fan

I’ve had four Rae Dunn mugs [“Perfect Imperfection,” November] for over 10 years. Calm. Think. Create. Begin. They fit beautifully in my hand and start my every morning with a smile.

Sally Landis



In “Always a Party,” [December], Terrie Odabi was referring to David Sturdevant of Medicine Ball Band in a quote that should have read: “David always picks amazing musicians.” The correct name of the 14-year-old drummer referenced in the same article is Genius Wesley.

Additionally, a caption accompanying “A Grand Reopening” [December], misspelled the name of Peter Lunny, a guest attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony and party celebrating the grand reopening of Providence Veterinary Hospital.


Published online on Jan. 25, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

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