Jen Biesty Won "Chopped"

She had to cook pork uterus.


Image courtesy of Pacific Gourmet

Jen Biesty, the Brooklyn-born co-owner of Oakland's Shakewell Restaurant and Bar, competed against three fellow chefs on a grotesquely challenging episode of Food Network's Chopped last night — and won.

Ingredients that the four competitors were required to use in multi-course meals — judged by a panel of chefs including Amanda Freitag, Marcus Samuelsson, and Geoffrey Zakarian — included such outrages as pork uterus, a rodent known as the nutria, and something the producers dubbed "unicorn barf."

Understandably, this episode was named "Weird, Wacky, and Wild." 

Biesty launched her popular Grand Lake restaurant in 2014 shortly after competing on Bravo's Top Chef.

Fellow restaurateur Zakarian called her a "tornado" in the kitchen.

Biesty's winning dishes were Pork Uterus Sugo with Bitter Melon Pesto (in the aappetizer round), Nutria Kefta with Fuzzy Squash RAT-atouille (in the entrée round), and Caramelized Blood Pancakes with Banana Milk and Mangosteen Ice Cream (in the dessert round).

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