Jon Sarriugarte Is a Modern Blacksmith

At his shop Form & Reform, Jon Sarriugarte applies old world blacksmithing techniques to forge bold furniture and lighting fixtures.


Jon Sarriugarte applies old world blacksmithing techniques to forge bold lighting fixtures.

Photo courtesy by Jon Sarriugarte

Jon Sarriugarte is one of Oakland’s most famous residents you have probably never noticed. That may have something to do with the fact that it’s hard to take your eyes off his mode of transportation: a giant snail with flaming eyes. But the showmanship of the Golden Mean, his snail art car that served as Mayor Libby Schaaf’s chariot to her inauguration, represents just one aspect of Sarriugarte’s blacksmithing business: Form & Reform.

His Adeline Street shop offers forged metal furniture that is playful yet modern and understated, and promises to fit in with any decor. Currently, Sarriugarte’s focus is in lighting, which evokes the period when folks switched from gas to electricity. He specially designed an LED lightbulb that generates the luminous glow of an old Edison bulb while still sparing the environment. Potential customers can browse a variety of styles, which miraculously unite bold structure with intimate ambience, on his website.

The true beauty in everything that Sarriugarte creates is in what is not perfect. Since every fixture is hand-forged using old-world blacksmithing, close investigation reveals every human mark. “All those little marks and impressions where it was it hammered or cut or chiseled out are what makes it feel handmade,” he said.

Those interested should first stop at the Form & Reform website, which is a comprehensive showcase of all of Sarriugarte’s work. Some ready-made pieces are available at Restoration Hardware, but clients who visit Sarriugarte’s shop have the option of choosing aspects of various styles to create one individually perfect piece.

Form & Reform, 2601 Adeline St., No. 133, Oakland, 510-444-7007,

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