Scott Silven Promises to Amaze

The storied illusionist is in town for exclusive 28-member dinner parties this month.


Photo courtesy of Scott Silven

There’s absolutely nothing up his sleeve — or is there? Illusionist, mentalist, and storyteller Scott Silven has baffled audiences with his unbelievable illusions and enrapturing patter. These upcoming local appearances — At the Illusionist’s Table — bring the master’s gifts into a more intimate setting.

  Limited to only 28 guests per seating, this is a friendly but elegant candlelit dinner party around Silven’s table, where visitors can enjoy a good meal while also having their minds blown. Silven’s past feels appropriately enigmatic given his profession: From a youth obsessed with magic and mystery, he cut his teeth studying hypnosis in Milan, gaining recognition from David Blaine at 19 and headlining his own act on the biggest stages of the UK by 21.

His peculiarly unassuming style is his trademark and the key to his prestige. The set-up for his tricks often begin with an almost clichéd magician’s request: “Pick a card, any card.” But he builds up the banter to a stupefying crescendo of wonder. Once you enter this dining room, nothing is as it seems, so prepare to be amazed.

Don’t take Silven for some conjurer of cheap tricks; he’s here to mystify and astound. Tuesday-Sunday, July 16-Aug. 4, $350, Grace Street Showroom, 4629 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oakland,


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