Missing Insurance

Readers sound off on the insurance mess at Alameda Hospital, the remaking of Lake Merritt, and the real causes of gentrification.



I loved the article about Alameda Hospital and the health insurance issue [“On a Health Care Island,” May]. I’ve been vocal about that since it started and am very happy to see the coverage on this serious issue.

Cecilia Trost, Alameda


The Merits of Merritt

In my view, this project [“Lake Merritt Reborn,” May] has been a model for good management by the city and the Measure DD Coalition who have worked in partnership since 2003 to ensure the public’s money is spent to accomplish the Measure DD promises. So often we do not provide sufficient oversight for city projects and avenues for ongoing community involvement, but in this case a standing ovation for the city of Oakland and the Measure DD Coalition. And of course I love the new and improved Lake Merritt!

Robert Archibald, Oakland


Gentrification 101

I can see both sides of this debate [“The Real Cause of Gentrification,” May]. My own observation, however, is that putting small apartment buildings in predominately single-family residential neighborhoods often drags down those neighborhoods with parking problems and other undesirable side effects. Often, these small multifamily properties become run down and create ugly eyesores over time. This is because they attract small-time investor-absentee owners that are primarily interested in collecting rents, not maintaining their properties or good relationships with their neighbors. Add rent control to that mix and the incentive—even the financial ability—for the owners to maintain these properties approaches zero. We called the triplexes in our neighborhood “the uglies” because, well, they were. It will be interesting to see how the multistory apartment buildings going in to San Francisco and Oakland fare over the coming decades. In any event, the idea of keeping apartment buildings in transit hub areas along the busiest streets makes the most sense for harmonizing the interests of neighborhood property owners and the millennial car-free types.

LR Jensen, Oakland


Best Broffee

Yuzu Ramen & Broffee [“Behind the Noren Curtain,” June] is the best for Japanese food!

James Blancher

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