Take It Outside

Where do you like to dine alfresco?


The view from Rock Wall.

Jenny Sirkus: Neptune’s restaurant, formerly Foster Freeze on Central Avenue, has both indoor and outdoor ambience that is quite charming. There are wicker sofas and tables set up outside making for a very inviting setting. There’s a wait to get in on the weekends, but it’s worth it. From the latte with the perfect coffee art to the chicken and waffles, everything is delicious with fantastic service. Rumor has it that soft-serve ice cream as well as beer and wine are on their way.

Jessie Pasqualini: My favorite place to eat outdoors is Drake’s Dealership on Broadway in Oakland. First of all, I love the way the staff treats its customers, making everyone feel welcomed and attended to. And to sit outside by their fire pits with a group of friends drinking canned Rosé or awesome beer while eating the fig-and-goat-cheese pizza is about as good as it gets for me.

Becca Perata: Where else in the East Bay can you feel transported to a village in southern Italy, sipping an Aperol Spritz on a sunny day? The patio at Trabocco is where. And when the fog rolls in, the enclosed outdoor space is cozy with heat lamps. It’s the next best thing to being in Abruzzi!

Marti Freeman: When the weather gets warm—and sometimes when it’s not – I head for Doña Tomás in Oakland. I love the outdoor patio as well as the margaritas and chips. Actually, everything I’ve had there is pretty great, their carnitas, enchiladas—all good. I especially love it when they have flan. Without a doubt, Doña Tomás is my go-to place when I’m thinking about having dinner outside.

Janet Salsman: Eating on the patio at Asena adds another dimension to the relaxing dining experience at one of my favorite restaurants. It is fresh, romantic, and lovely.

Hasani Barnes: My favorite place to eat outdoors is The Forge in Jack London Square. I love the scenery of the boats and the water the most. It’s also a great place to people watch while eating great pizza by a fire pit or heat lamp when needed. 

Liz Warner: When I think of alfresco dining in Alameda, my thoughts immediately turn to Rock Wall winery. The Rock Wall wine paired with delicious Scolari’s at The Point food is a terrific combination. Throw in a million-dollar view on a nice night with a good vibe, and life is good. Weather permitting—and it usually does—all my houseguests get taken there.


Published online on June 8, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

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