Jim Franz Is a Favorite

Readers were glad to read about the retired Jim Franz.


Good Guy

Always fun keeping up with Jim Franz [“He’s Not Done Yet,” May]. All sounds well. Jim, continue to dance and play through life.

—Audrey Lord-Hausman and Richard Hausman


Love knowing all these about you. Your first love was music and performing. It must have been some very good force that led you to compassionate community service.  I see you also as one of the pillars that started Alameda’s involvement with Sister City International.  I personally benefited from your guidance and support with the formalization of the Alameda-Dumaguete Sister City with the Philippines.

—Cynthia Bonta


Depression Tool

Just wanted to let you know I liked the TMS [transcranial magnet stimulation] article in Alameda Magazine [“Stimulating the Brain When Pills Don’t Work,” April]. Thanks.

—Kennedy Cosgrove


Corrections: The correct credit for the Shelter article in May [“Go Bold, Bordering Bodacious”] is: Photos by Ramona d’Viola; Architect: Matt Hollis Architects; Space: Stonehouse Cellars. The rhubarb buckwheat upside down cake photo [“Get Ready for Rhubarb,” May] was by Marykate McGoldrick.


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