Lucia's Hosts Gluten-Free Pizza Day

Gluten-free beers will sudsify the fun.


Image courtesy of Lucia's

Downtown Berkeley pizzeria Lucia's is hosting its second annual Gluten-Free Neapolitan Pizza Day on April 25.

"We will halt our regular pizza for that evening and only be making and serving up award-winning gluten-free pizzas, pastas, and various dishes — all gluten-free," announced Lucia's co-owner Steve Dumain.

Last year's first annual gluten-free pizza day "was completely sold out," Dumain said.

For the occasion — sponsored by Caputo Flour, which will give away prizes throughout the evening — the restaurant will also offer its first-ever selection of gluten-free beers.

"Berkeley is a community that is very forward-thinking when it comes to food, with regards to various dietary restrictions, whether they be based on personal ethics, allergies, or simply choice," added Dumain.

"Lucia’s constantly works toward offering a menu that balances tradition with contemporary cuisine, while always offering of our menu for people with various dietary needs" and/or "restrictions – making sure everyone feels seamlessly inclusive.  These include vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other options."

Lucia's was voted Best Gluten-Free Pizza in the East Bay Express last year. Its meatless toppings include Oakland-based Impossible Burger and Marin County-made Miyoko's Artisan Vegan Cashew Mozzarella. 

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