Maybeck: Serving the Young People of the East Bay for Over 40 Years


Established in 1972, Maybeck High School is a teacher-led, independent, college preparatory high school near the University of California, Berkeley. Through our small classes, high expectations, academic excellence, and programs outside the school, students prepare for college and acquire the tools to engage actively and creatively in the wider world. Approximately 110 students are enrolled in grades 9 through 12, with an average class size of 14, and the student-faculty ratio is 5 to 1. Maybeck is a vibrant community dedicated to deep and sustained learning.

Our seminar-style classes encourage students to be fully present in the classroom. We know that close relationships with faculty, texts, and questions create students who have courage, curiosity, and a strong voice. We cultivate and encourage that voice. All students have an advisory teacher assigned to them, and our college counselor works closely with students and families throughout their junior and senior years to ensure a right college fit for all Maybeck graduates.

We begin and end each year with an all-school camping trip. Students listen to lectures given by the faculty; take classes outside on a variety of subjects; and hike, cook, and clean together. We reserve two weeks each spring for Special Programs, during which students pursue a specialized activity. Travel programs have taken students to China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Egypt, France, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Vietnam. We hold sports days and film festivals, sponsor student plays, and take trips to local theatrical productions.

Our graduates have founded local companies, become faculty members at Columbia and UC Berkeley, and reported from the front lines in Iraq. Maybeck’s focus on the intimacy of learning and engagement with the larger world encourages all students to begin an educational journey that will last a lifetime.

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