Mi Rancho Launches Non-GMO Tortillas

The San Leandro company, founded in Oakland, turns 80 this year.


Image courtesy of Mi Rancho

San Leandro-based Mi Rancho, celebrated in the business world for its innovative global distribution of packaged Mexican foods, has just launched a new line of non-GMO tortillas.

Reaching retailers this month are Mi Rancho's Non-GMO Soft Taco Flour Tortillas, Non-GMO White Corn Tortillas, and — made with a hybrid corn-wheat flour — Non-GMA Cornflowers Tortillas.

All three types have been certified and granted a "non-GMO butterfly seal" by the Non-GMO Project, a Bellingham, WA-based nonprofit that maintains the standard for measuring the presence of genetically modified organisms in food. 

Because corn is an ingredient at especially high risk for genetic modifications, Mi Rancho applies careful oversight to its sourcing overall and to its suppliers' growing practices. Mi Rancho is committed to using California-grown and -made ingredients. 

“Adding these new Non-GMO tortillas to Mi Rancho’s product line is part of our commitment to keep pace with food industry innovations while staying true to our commitment to quality and time-honored production techniques we have perfected over the last eighty years,” said Mi Rancho president Manuel Berber, as reported at Perishable News.

Founded as a family-run bakery and grocery store in Oakand in 1939, Mi Rancho started expanding during the 1950s. Now celebrating its eightieth year in business, currently producing nearly 5 million tortillas every day, the company is owned and operated by the third generation of the founding family. 

“Consumers shop for brands they trust, and adding non-GMO verification gives customers another reason to trust Mi Rancho for the best quality as well as the best taste in tortillas," Berber said.

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