Miley Cyrus Accused of Plagiarizing East Bay Artist

The footage shows the fingering of fruit.



After releasing self-promotional video clips showing her fingers handling fruit in what looks like a sexual manner, pop star Miley Cyrus is now being accused of plagiarizing the work of Berkeley-born artist Stephanie Sarley.

As reported at Buzzfeed, the clip that Cyrus tweeted while promoting her new album "looked suspiciously similar" to Sarley's signature creations, in which — as can be seen at the artist's website — human hands seductively squeeze juices from a grapefruit and pineapple, dandle the hollow of a halved papaya, and stroke a peeled banana up and down. 

As reported at Jezebel, Cyrus' clip showed "herself fingering a halved melon, papaya, and orange. She proceeded to squeeze the juices out of the orange and then part the fruit between her thumbs."

Sarley — who studied art at Oakland's Laney College and whose work has been exhibited internationally and has appeared in such major publications as Playboy and Elle — told Buzzfeed that she felt "disgusted" because the style shown in Cyrus's videos are "like my entire thing."

"She looks lame as hell carbon copying me, looking like a doppelgänger when she’s a gigantic pop star, and I’m out here as a real artist working at this shit every day with visibility and working for years building my art following and having faced adversity over it," Sarley told Buzzfeed, adding that she thought the copying "was super deliberate."

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