Museum of Ice Cream Debuts New Flavor from Berkeley-Founded CREAM

It's peachy, and it shimmers with edible gold sparkles.


All images by Anneli Star Josselin Rufus

The Museum of Ice Cream — that multi-city pop-up mega-buzzmagnet whose admission tickets sell out within minutes of going on sale — features as part of its walk-though experience a scoop of premium ice cream crafted by a different in-demand brand every month.

From now through Jan. 8, 2018, the "Scoop of the Month" at MOIC's San Francisco location is smooth, sparkly, fruit-studded Pink Peach Bellini from CREAM, a family-run company founded in Berkeley in 2010.

CREAM's wildly popular Telegraph Avenue ice-cream-sandwichery was the first in what is now a nationwide franchise phenomenon comprising 27 shops in three states, with forty more shops in the works serving artisanal ice creams between thick soft cookies.

For the MOIC partnership, "we wanted to find a flavor that was summery and celebrative," CREAM co-founder Gus Shamieh (depicted above, swinging in MOIC SF's whipped-cream-can room) told me yesterday during the sweet treat's debut at MOIC SF, whose series of ice-cream-themed art installations includes gigantic gummi-bear and maraschino-cherry sculptures, a saltwater-taffy wall, and a swimming pool awash in synthetic sprinkles.

As if to challenge the winter chill outside, Pink Peach Bellini evokes the silky splendors of July, with edible gold sparkles twinkling like tiny suns. 

Shamieh develops CREAM's flavors himself, along with his sister and their parents. 

"We find inspiration in what we know and what we love. For instance, our churro flavor was inspired by my memories of going to ball games with my dad" — CREAM's other co-founder Jimmy Shamieh — "as a kid, and eating churros at those games."

Childhood memories also spurred the decision to keep CREAM's treats amazingly affordable:

"Growing up in Millbrae, we were lower middle-class. My dad used to say that he'd need a bank loan to take all four of us out for sundaes at Ghirardelli. It was a joke but it also kind of wasn't a joke."

Besides the Berkeley flagship, CREAM — which stands for Cookies Rule Everything Around Me — has other East Bay shops in Alameda, Oakland, Fremont, Concord, Livermore, and Walnut Creek.

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