No Season 2 for Salt Fat Acid Heat

Berkeley author and TV star Samin Nosrat is planning a new show instead.


Berkeley chef, cookbook author, and TV star Samin Nosrat has announced that there will be no second season of her popular Netflix series Salt Fat Acid Heat, which shares its title with her New York Times bestselling 2017 book. 

The series earned a stunning — and rare — 100 percent rating on the Rotten Tomatoes review-aggregator site.

As reported by People magazine, this announcement will "no doubt be a bummer for fans" who need not weep because "she has another show already in the works."

Sharing certain elements with SFAH — in whose first and only season she visited food-makers around the world, seeking to de-mystify the principles of deliciousness — it will also have new elements. Nosrat told People that she is currently "still in the brainstorming stage," which she described as "that dreaming time."

Like SFAH, the new show will include travel. The UC Berkeley grad and Chez Panisse alumna told People that she wants to visit Oaxaca, Peru, Ecuador, Turkey, and Disneyland. 

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