Rent Stabilization, Not Rent Control

Readers sound off on Measures M1 and L1, Mayor Trish Spencer, and San Leandro.


On Rent Control

M1 is a M1stake [“Rent Control Dominates Campaign,” October]. Rent control does not provide more inventory or supply. It discourages ownership and investment in rental supply, adding to the problem. Measure L1 is rent stabilization. It is the culmination of a public process working toward a common solution, and it allows flexibility to be altered as the need arises. No on M1, Yes on L1.

Lori Moe, Alameda


Smear Campaign

Since when does Alameda Magazine have the right to try to manipulate our town by utilizing this magazine as a way to support their own political agendas? It looks like Steven Tavares thinks we are all stupid enough to actually believe that politicians do not have private conversations “off the record” ever. We are not naive. This town has had political agendas with developers for some time. We are not oblivious to political agendas regardless ... of how big the smile, how nice the outfit or how polished the politician is.

This is a mayor that will go out of her way to help the people she serves. Please do not treat us (your readers) like we are ignorant of the fact that there are a few people that want to represent our mayor in a negative light in order to help advance their own careers. 

Diana Cristales, Alameda


San Leandro Fans

My partner and I have lived in San Leandro for the past 11 years. I was so excited to finally see an article about San Leandro in an East Bay magazine [“Heading South,” September], and then I read it. We have so much more to offer than the few establishments you mentioned.

Just to name a few: Dining & Coffee—Bluebird Pizzeria, Zocalo Coffeehouse, Paradiso Restaurant; Local Breweries—Cleophus Quealy Beer Company, 21st Amendment Brewery, Drake’s Brewing Company; Retail—Miriam Lara Floral Boutique, Urban Oasis, Roney’s Furniture, Ghirardelli Factory Outlet; Groceries—Estudillo Produce & Deli, Galvan’s Market. Every bit of good press is much appreciated.

Arlene M. Hazelkorn, San Leandro


Corrections and Clarifications

Clifford and Tammy Chow [“Plugging Away,” October], owners of Alameda’s Firehouse Subs, have more than 60 years of combined restaurant experience between them. They plan to hold a fundraiser to help restore a burned down Little League shack, and a defibrillator has been ordered for but not yet placed in an Alameda police cruiser.


Published online on Oct. 31, 2016 at 8:00 a.m.

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