Is it Meddling Or Is It Merely Representation?

Readers either loved or hated our piece on Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer.


Praise and Criticism

Kudos to Steven Tavares and Alameda Magazine for writing the article, “The Meddlesome Mayor” in the September edition. This article clearly reveals the true picture of our mayor’s character and her consistent and ongoing negative and manipulative behavior. This is nothing new. In her years on the Alameda Board of Education, Ms. Spencer displayed these same characteristics, making it difficult to have an intelligent, productive discourse. Unfortunately, she is now meddling and trying to control the city’s day-to-day business, not allowing heads of departments to do their work as they are certainly trained to do.

Don Sherratt, Alameda


What a hatchet job. I am sure I am not the only resident of Alameda that has written my city manager and gotten no response. I have gotten responses from my mayors, though. If the concerns shown by Alameda’s mayors come close to meddling with other officials business, well, maybe if those officials did their jobs, we might not have to get the mayor to cattle-prod them to action.

Lucy Seereiter, Alameda


Don’t obfuscate your bias—I’ll give you that. You put it up on top of the cover this time [“Too Hands-On? Trish Spencer is Overinvolved,” September]. Does Alameda Magazine have a mission statement? Just wondering.

Jan Walton, Alameda


Why bother to vote for any councilmembers if the whole thing is run by city management? Kudos to Mayor Spencer for her responding as if she actually has responsibility for citizens who voted to put in her in office, to actually represent them! Wow, what an idea!!

                                           Cheryl Harawitz, Alameda



The correct spelling of the architect identified in “The Kitchen of Their Dreams” [June] is Rebecca Schnier.

The correct spelling of the name of the Swell bar manager is Mark Berkley [“God Serve the Queen,” September].

Lincoln Families COO Nancy Oakley and Nathaniel Foster appear in the first photo of Snapshots [“Lincoln ROOT 16 Sets a New Record,” September], and the organization’s correct URL is

Finally, the word genteel was misspelled as gentile in the headline of September’s Grand Tour.

Published online on Oct.  3, 2016 at 8:00 a.m.

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