Progressive Politics and Housing

Alameda readers respond to Alameda as a progressive stronghold and affordable rental housing.


Progressive Stronghold

Thanks for this great article [“Not Your Grandfather’s Island,” July] on the many positive changes underway and continuing in Alameda.

It is not important which of our representatives vote to bring cannabis here; the goal is important. Let’s support home-grown businesses, and add to the success of the next generation, providing them jobs, housing, and an opportunity to stay and grow their families here, as so many of us on the Island have had the privilege to do.

—Rich Moskowitz


A New War

Good article [“Landlords Strike Back,” July]. I continue to be impressed with the quality of Alameda Magazine. I’ll say that my contact with the signature gatherers has been that they refuse to say who is behind the petition until pressed again and again.

—Phil Layzer


“Activists or Alamedans”? What about activists who live in Alameda, then?

—Simone Chavoor


Children’s Merger

I have worked at Children’s Hospital Oakland for 38 years and want to thank you for your informative and balanced report on the merger with UCSF [“Children’s Hospital’s Uncertain Future,” July]. I hope it will encourage your readers to contribute to the hospital and contact their local, state, and federal government officials to encourage them to increase the funding for this jewel of the East Bay. Many members of my own family have received treatment here. It would be tragic if any of the current staff or programs have to be cut.

—Van Moeller


Bring on the Tunnel

So would this swing bridge [“Bring on the Bike Bridge,” July] open consistently so that the recreational boaters who keep their boats in the estuary would be able to get out when needed? I think that this is not a good idea, and if there must be another crossing, then use a tunnel, which would not impede commercial and recreational water traffic.

—Charles Hodgkins



The Briefing in our July issue misstated Alameda poet laureate Gene Kahane’s first name.

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