On Safe Ground

An informal poll reveals Alamedans feel safe on the Island.


Do you feel safe in Alameda?

Tim Goodman: I’ve never personally or at my local business had problems in Alameda. Every now and then, cars get broken into but, percentage-wise, I think the incidents are pretty low. And whenever I’ve needed to call the police force, I’ve gotten a great response. I live on Bay Farm and have lived in Alameda my whole life and have always had a general sense of security. Nowhere is as safe as it used to be, but compared to some of our surrounding areas in the Bay Area and in the country, I don’t think we can complain. I really can’t think of a nicer place to live.

Tony Tran: I do feel safe in Alameda. At night I’m very comfortable walking the streets. I see police around all the time, which adds to my confidence. Even when I come home late, I’m never worried. I know that bad things happen in Alameda, but I don’t think that’s the norm.

Liz Warner: As a recent transplant to Alameda from a small New England town, the jury is still out on safety. For instance, whereas I recently never even locked my doors (even left them wide open in good weather for the pets), I now have an alarm. I’m taking safety seriously here in Alameda. That said, in my two months, I’ve not uncovered any reason for exaggerated concern.

Kim Chao: No place is perfect, and I have had a few issues over the years, but overall I think Alameda is safe. I love Alameda, which is why I changed my business name from Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy to Alameda Bagel and Donuts. I really think parking problems in Alameda are bigger than safety ones, but I still love it here.

Anna Elefant: Yes, I feel safe in Alameda. I also tend to not walk at night due to critters. Who wants a run-in with a skunk? I feel safe in areas that I am familiar with outside of Alameda as well.

Tina Blaine: I definitely feel safe in Alameda. I think some of that is just who I am and how I go through the world. I carry myself with a sense of purpose and destination, and I also try not to put myself in stupid situations. I think there’s too much fear in the world. Looking people in the eye, saying hello, and making connections helps with that. Alameda has a strong sense of community and strong networks. The police department makes a concerted effort to respond as quickly as they can. I don’t disregard the bad things that do happen here and don’t want to feel unjustifiably safe, but I’m really comfortable in Alameda.

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