Pear Tree Preschool: Montessori Fusion that Engages the Child’s Natural Intellect


The Pear Tree Preschool and Pear Tree Day School are a blended educational philosophy, where Montessori-credentialed teachers are trained in a variety of creative strategies to foster design thinking, problem solving, curiosity, social justice, and a magical love of learning in the development of the whole child. Please spread the word if you know any dynamic families interested in joining this phenomenal community. The Pear Tree serves children ages 2.5-7, and is growing up each year to serve students 2.5-12. We have a phenomenal transitional and full kindergarten, as well as a K-2. Now registering pre-K through 2nd grade. Schedule an observation today!

8100 Winthrope St., Oakland
Facebook @ The Pear Tree School

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