Peet's Coffee Acquires Majority Stake in Revive Kombucha

The Berkeley-founded, Emeryville-based coffee company thusly expands into fermented brews.


Julia Otest

Emeryville-based Peet's Coffee announced last week that it has acquired a majority stake in Revive Kombucha.

Petaluma-based, husband-and-wife-owned Revive craft-brews organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade-certified bottled and on-tap kombucha in an array of flavors ranging from cola to hibiscus to ginger and beyond. This new financing from Peet's, which was founded in Berkeley in 1966, will allow Revive to grow its brewery operations and expand its distribution. 

Among other plans, Revive is expected to be sold at Peet's coffee-bars. 

"Building an evergreen ecosystem for the Revive brand has always been part of our mission," said Revive CEO Sean J. Lovett, who co-founded the company with his wife Rebekah Lovett at the Sonoma County Farmers' Market in 2010. 

Committed to sustainability from the outset, the pair engaged promptly in bio-diesel delivery and bottle-exchange efforts, and currently incorporate water reclamation and conservation into their brewing process. 

"We are excited to further solidify our long-term partnership with Peet's to fulfill our greater purpose of bringing our super tasty and good-for-you beverages to a larger audience," Lovett said.

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