Pitmaster Matt Horn Will Do a Pop-Up at Hangar 1

The Oakland chef's Central Texas-style barbecue has gained a huge local following.


Image courtesy of Horn Barbecue

Renowned Oakland chef and pitmaster Matt Horn is hosting a pop-up at Alameda's Hangar 1 Vodka on August 3. 

Now a Bay Area barbecue institution, his events typically drawing huge crowds eager to line up for as many as four hours, Horn grew up enjoying Texas-style barbecue in his grandmother's backyard — but never planned to make it his career.

"Growing up around it, I was perfectly happy eating barbecue occasionally on weekends," Horn explains at his Horn Barbecue website.

"After confidently grilling a bad batch of spare ribs for my girlfriend at the time, to which she was not pleased, I decided I would never cook bad 'cue again. It was that commitment to excellence that I began my process of becoming a devout student of the craft, obsessing and even dreaming about the next cook. I have never been consumed by anything the way I am with barbecue, and every time I cook, it is the reflection of an internal fire that continues to grow."

After moving to the Bay Area three years ago, Horn and his wife Nina — who now works as general manager of Horn Barbecue — began staging pop-ups around the East Bay that gained them a loyal local following. As revealed in an East Bay Times interview, preparations for each pop-up begin two or three full days before the event itself. Horn spends those hours cooking brisket and often even pulling back-to-back all-nighters stoking the fires — with the help of an 500-gallon offset custom smoker that he calls Lucille.

Horn was selected as "Best Roving Barbecue" in the East Bay Express' Best of the East Bay 2018.

The Hangar 1 event starts at 11 a. m. 

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