Police Chief Paul Rolleri Calls for New Music Venue

Police Chief Paul Rolleri looks for a different kind of beat in Alameda.


Civic Drawing Board asks Alameda residents and civic leaders to identify a concrete change that would improve their town.

Photo by Maarten van Maanen/Flickr (CC)

My answer has nothing to do with enforcing the law. However having been born and raised in Alameda, there is something I’ve always thought this city needs. I think Alameda is the perfect place for a top-notch venue to properly accommodate live music for headline performers. We have so many attractions—gorgeous views, the beach, great wine and dining, a wonderful theater, terrific coffeeshops, incredible biking opportunities, and so much more. All we are missing is a place that has an excellent sound system and a comfortable, inviting setting that will draw audiences of all ages and, hopefully, really good musicians. Oakland is blowing up with good music venues, and I think that’s because the rent is less expensive in the East Bay compared to San Francisco where many music houses are closing. Alameda is such a cool place to live and visit. I think it would be even better if we had a music destination similar to a Yoshi’s overlooking one of the many great Alameda views. Something tells me that such a business would be a huge success in this town.

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