Prime Roots to Launch Berkeley HQ

The company's koji-based faux-flesh fare includes salmon, lobster, bacon, and more.


Image courtesy of Prime Roots

Plant-based faux-meat manufacturer Prime Roots will soon open a new 12,000-square-foot facility in West Berkeley.

Formerly known as Terramino Foods and backed by the same investors that backed Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Sweetgreen, the company uses koji — a protein-rich fermented fungus product — to make sustainable, low-carbon-footprint, flesh-free aternatives to salmon, tuna, lobster, bacon, chicken (depicted above), and more. 

According to a press release, this product line is based largely on an extended voting initiative which Prime Roots conducted over the last several months, engaing its large and active online fanbase. 

"Join thousands of foodies in the superprotein revolution," the voting initiative exhorts.

Company co-founders Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon met in 2017 when both worked as researchers at UC Berkeley's Alternative Meat Lab. 

Prime Roots' products can currently be sampled only at company-run events. According to the press release, retail sales will start early this year via the company's website. 

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