Run Alameda Hospital Like a Business

Get some management, run it like a business, and it’ll be able to provide the mandated care to those (few, on Alameda) who really can’t afford care.


It’s A Business

Accept the inevitable, and possibly positive, outcome [“Is Alameda at Risk of Losing Its Hospital’s Emergency Room,” August]. Negotiate a public/private partnership with one of the health care giants. Let them handle management and staffing, but with enough public funding (preferably what’s already in the city and county budgets) to mandate that it operate as a public hospital and an in-network hospital for all plans it currently accepts. One of the problems with public hospital revenues is an assumption that anyone who comes in is uninsured and probably indigent. That leads to inadequate collection of revenues. Years ago, I was taken by ambulance to SF General after a motorcycle accident. I had excellent health insurance, but they never asked for it. I figured I would get a bill and submit it to my insurer. Nope. A friend who worked at the General eventually explained that so many people treated in ER were uninsured that SFGH just didn’t bother trying to collect. Excuse me?

— Celeste Chalfonte



Our article, “Adventure and Relaxation Call in Kauai,” August, contained an editing error that misidentified Waimea Canyon as Kilauea Canyon.

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