Sugar Bowl Bakery Introduces Fresh-Fruit Fritters

The Hayward company has created a different fritter for each season.


Image courtesy of Sugar Bowl Bakery

Hayward-based Sugar Bowl Bakery has just introduced a new line of fresh-fruit fritters.

Joining the decades-old family-owned company's famous array of madeleines, palmiers, and Brownie Bites — carried at supermarkets and big-box stores nationwide and beyond — the new fluffy-chewy sugar-glazed treats are made with raised donut dough, freshly ground cinnamon, and fresh fruit. As demonstrated at this month's Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, they can be heated or eaten at room temperature right out of the package. 

“With the launch of the peach, cherry, and blueberry fritters, we are now bringing our customers the flavors of every season — apple for fall, blueberry for winter, cherry for spring, and peach for summer,” said Sugar Bowl CEO Andrew Ly in a press release

“After the immediate success that we saw with our apple fritters, we’re excited to bring these new flavors into retailers so that everyone — no matter their favorite fruit — can experience the delight of biting into a Sugar Bowl Bakery fritter.”

Sugar Bowl began as a single San Francisco donut shop that members of the Ly family collaborated to buy in 1979 as recently arrived, non-English-speaking refugees from Vietnam. Today the company's Hayward plant has its own flour silos and produces about a million Brownie Bites daily. 

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