The Face of Greek Cuisine

Ikaros Greek Restaurant


In a world of convoluted “ethnic” cuisines, Ikaros Greek Restaurant is a rarity. Family owned and operated, the Oakland eatery serves classic Greek dishes made from family recipes handed down through generations. “We pride ourselves on serving truly authentic Greek cuisine,” says proprietor Lavendar Kratsas. “Our recipes are not ‘Californ-ized,’ and you won’t find Mediterranean or Middle Eastern foods like baba ganoush or falafel on our menu. Instead, we remain true to the traditional Greek dishes from the island of Ikaria—like tzatziki, moussaka, or gyouvetsi meh arni, our popular lamb dish. We make everything from scratch everyday—with the finest and freshest ingredients available.”

Ikaros Greek Restaurant

3268 Grand Ave., Oakland, 510-889-4400,

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