The Face of Japanese Cuisine



Throughout Japan, neighborhood taverns are known as izakayas, which translates to “stay and drink.” If you like the sound of that, then you’ll love the modern izakaya vision soon to emerge from Montclair’s Kakui. ”Shinmai means ‘new rice’,” says Kakui owner Yingji Huang. “And, our menu is a new approach to the traditional tapas-style dishes using simple, seasonal, and organic ingredients. Small plates with an international flair, grounded in the Japanese style of cooking. Shinmai is a sexy, romantic neighborhood restaurant with a Michelin star feel.” Say kon’nichiwa (hello) to Shinmai spring 2017. Pictured: Manager Jeremy Chiu, Executive Chef Jerrod Doss; Owner Yingji Huang; and Owner Andy Liu.


(Opening spring 2017), 1825 San Pablo Ave., Oakland

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