The Face of Professional Security

Diehard Security Solutions


When it comes to security, a proactive approach always works best, says Diehard Security Solutions founder Joseph Bando. His business provides a range of security services in settings as diverse as bars, special events, and neighborhoods. Across the spectrum, Diehard emphasizes customer service over force. “I treat people with respect and empathy, and that’s our approach to conflict management,” Bando says. Certified in mediation and conflict resolution using non-violent communication, he trains employees to look customers in the eye, smile genuinely, and make a connection—if only for an instant. This not only minimizes confrontation but also makes Diehard a sought-after security solution across the Bay Area.

Diehard Security Solutions

1151 Harbor Way Parkway, Ste. 207-E, Alameda, 510-995-8450,

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