Weighing in on Alameda’s Potholes and Sidewalks

Residents offer a mixed bag of suggestions on the state or the city’s streets and walkways.


Shirley El Far: I appreciate that there are diligent efforts being made to repair our sidewalks; however, the process is slow. I think we are in need of designing a better and proactive solution for homeowners who are willing to incur some of the costs of their sidewalk repair rather than wait five to seven years yet are prohibited from doing so due to various reasons: the preservation of trees, lack of funds, lack of manpower, etc.

Lena Tam: The sidewalks in some of the older neighborhoods, especially those with very mature trees, have been raised and result in tripping hazards. The drought has exacerbated the conditions as roots go to the surface from lack of deep watering. The streets in Alameda are much less pothole-ridden than Oakland, where I work.

Eileen Dughman: I haven’t seen many potholes personally, but many sidewalks definitely need repair from the unevenness due to tree roots. I think the most important issue is the safety of pedestrians. It is in the best interest of the city to focus on this. Someone getting hurt would be terrible and would really cost the city of Alameda due to lawsuits.

Ed Kofman: Today, cracked sidewalks and potholes are an inconvenience and a nuisance; however, I am much more concerned about the potential preponderance of potholes and other deferred maintenance in the future if the city makes similar financial mistakes as it has in the past. Money that now must be used to cover the mistakes of the past is not available now or in the future to provide for city services, maintain the parks, and even fill all of the potholes that we have now.

Lucy Gigli: Some streets in Alameda are so bad now they make biking very difficult. A great biking street that is very difficult to ride on is San Antonio Avenue between Sherman Street and Ninth Street. There are potholes on Pacific Street that have been getting bigger for years. Pacific is designated a bike route. Bike Walk Alameda would like to see the city include bike-priority streets in their prioritization process for how they choose the next streets to be repaved.

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