White Castle Now Sells Impossible Sliders

The vegan burgers are now served at all 322 White Castle locations.


Image courtesy of Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods, whose huge production plant opened in East Oakland last year, now has its faux meat being served by a major fast-food chain.

It's a huge milestone for the company, whose vegan Impossible Burgers famously "bleed."

Impossible Sliders are now served at all 322 White Castle locations.

White Castle, which operates in thirteen of the United States, announced this news on Sept. 12.

When the production plant opened last year, Impossible administrators predicted that it would produce a million pounds of hormone-, antibiotic-, cholesterol-free faux flesh every month. 

Each slider comprises a square Impossible patty, topped with smoked Cheddar cheese, pickles, and onions. 

Impossible Burgers "bleed" because they contain a laboratory-produced protein known as soy leghemoglobin. The burgers also contain water, wheat protein, potato protein, and coconut oil.

White Castle's Impossible Sliders are being promoted by actors John Cho and Kal Penn, who starred in the classic 2004 comedy film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Penn has been an outspoken fan of Impossible Foods since first tasting an Impossible Burger — and mistaking it for a real beef burger — in New York City several years ago.

Impossible Burgers are also sold at the Oakland Coliseum and AT&T Park.

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