Wooden Table Celebrates Pride Month

They're baking up rainbow-festooned alfajores and bonbons.


Image courtesy of Wooden Table Baking Company

Oakland-based Wooden Table Baking Company is celebrating Pride Month by baking up rainbow-festooned alfajores and bonbons.

Alfajores are traditional soft sandwich cookies beloved in Argentina — the home country of Wooden Table owner and head baker Andreas Ozzuna, who grew up in Buenos Aires and missed Argentinean food so much upon moving to the Bay Area eighteen years ago that she realized she should start a business making and selling her favorite, hard-to-find-here treats, drawing upon recipes her grandmother had cherished.

Wooden Table's wide variety of alfajores types — lemon-ginger, mint-chocolate, chipotle-chocolate, gluten-free, snickerdoodle, meringue, and more — has a new limited-time-only addition this month, decorated with jaunty edible rainbows.

Designed to honor Pride Month — which emerged from the first gay-pride parade, held in New York City on June 28, 1970 — Wooden Table's new Rainbow Bonbons are heart-shaped white and dark chocolates filled with dulce de leche and topped with colorful rainbows. 

"These homo-snackuals," the company declares, "celebrate love in all forms!"

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