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News & Politics

Ban the Leaf Blowers

Readers want the city council to put a stop to them.
2018.12.12 11:26

Meet the Guy Behind Those Fire Shots

Noah Berger travels the state chasing fires.
2018.12.10 08:00

Can Natel Help Reverse Climate Change?

The founders of the Alameda hydroelectric power company think its turbines and hydro restoration technology are aligned for big results.
2018.12.06 08:00

Will Alameda Consolidate Its Two High Schools?

A discussion about consolidating Alameda and Encinal high schools has revived old questions of inequity in the Island’s school system.
2018.12.05 08:00

Should Oakland Schools Finally Try to Integrate?

OUSD, like the city itself, is highly segregated. But unlike Berkeley, Oakland has never attempted to desegregate its public schools.
2018.12.04 08:00
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Life & Style

Find Treasures at Adams Point

Shop, have fun with your family, and enjoy natural beauty.
2018.12.12 11:13

What Drives East Bay Fashion Designers?

This group of local garment makers lets personal philosophies of inclusive and socially conscious politics inform their clothing lines and ethical sourcing and manufacturing processes.
2018.12.11 08:00

The 2018 Gift Guide

Twenty-four sure-to-please notions to make the holidays shine.
2018.12.10 08:00

Good and Bad News About HPV

Cancers of the throat and back of the tongue linked to HPV and likely transmitted through oral sex are increasing, though still rare.
2018.11.27 08:00
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Food & Drink

Explore Two Treasure Island Eating Outposts

MerSea and Aracely inhabit a new frontier well worth exploration.
2018.12.14 07:00

Lila Owens Expands the Cupcakin’ Bake Shop Empire

Unusual flavors and lovely presentation distinguish these small, sweet wonders.
2018.12.07 08:00

Nosh Box: Better to Give than to Receive

2018.12.01 01:19

Old Damascus Makes Delectable Mandi

Popular throughout the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Turkey, and parts of India, mandi is proving popular here.
2018.11.20 08:00
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Arts & Culture

Johansson Projects Features Modernism That Pushes the Limit

Two exciting abstract painters—Alexander Kori Girard and Rachel Kaye—bring Loop Melody to the gallery.
2018.12.13 08:00

Sculpturist Gina Telcocci Mimics Life Cycles in Her Art

The West Oakland artist resurrects materials from the natural world, turning them into intriguing new life forms.
2018.12.10 08:00

SF Gay Men’s Chorus Gets Brassy and Sassy at The Freight

The over-the-top, irreverent choral group performs Home for the Holidays! for World’s AIDS day with hilarious twists on holiday standards.
2018.12.07 08:00

East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Festival Celebrates Indie Media

For the ninth year running, local zinesters have a reason to party.
2018.12.07 08:00
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From Our Other Publications

East Bay High School Teacher Excels With ASL

Michele Lamons-Raiford believes that the exposure her students have to deaf culture in her classes is one of the lasting benefits.
2018.12.06 08:00

Mahershala Ali Talks About Life After Oscar

The Oakland-born, Hayward-reared actor is back on screen, starring in a new comedy/drama and proving he’s no one-hit wonder.
2018.12.05 08:00

Another Reason to Turn Off the Lights

A recent study suggests that artificial lighting makes it harder for birds — and perhaps humans — to fight off West Nile Virus.
2018.12.03 08:00

The Crack in Oakland’s Jewel

The Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center on Lake Merritt has been empty for 13 years and is in such disrepair it can’t be used to house homeless people. Will renovations finally begin next year?
2018.11.08 08:00
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