Alamedans Identify Their Favorite Streets and Boulevards

Shoreline, Haight, Tregloan, Central, and Thompson earn kudos.


What is your favorite street in Alameda, and why?

Laurie Ricksecker: The street in Alameda that always makes me smile and reminds me why I love living here is Shoreline Drive. It is so alive with people enjoying the beach, the water, the bay breezes, the city skyline, the ships in the distance, and our amazing sunsets. Being at the waterside is my idea of heaven on earth.

Mariana Carstens: My favorite street in Alameda is Haight Avenue. It is the perfect representation of the west end of town, with gorgeous little cottage-style homes, bi-weekly farmers market, and a feeling of neighborhood that makes me nostalgic.

Jerry McPherson: There are several contenders, but everyone should at some point stroll down Tregloan Court. It’s located between Broadway and Pearl and Buena Vista and Eagle—it’s one block of unique homes. The cottage-style bungalows are in various architectural styles. They are colorful, well cared for, miniature versions typical of Alameda’s heritage.

Jane Shiber: I think Gibbons Drive is one of the most beautiful streets in Alameda. Each house is unique, and the trees are beautiful, especially in the fall. Additionally, there is a European feel to it, as it is curved, rather than straight. In fact, I always drive down it whenever I can and make a point of taking visitors there, too.

Kiko Nascimento: Central Avenue is my favorite street for many reasons. I love the big, beautiful sycamore trees that line the street. They set my heart at ease. I like to start out at Park Street and see the Alameda Theatre with its glorious lights and shop at Dan’s Produce, where we can get real food and then take in the Alameda High scene.

Joe LoParo: I’d have to say that my favorite street is Thompson Street, aka Christmas Tree Lane. I’ve always been partial to the Christmas season when people seem friendlier, and it seems to bring out the giving in people, including but not limited to, even a smile.