Hospital Lifeline

What do you think about the affiliation of Alameda Hospital and the Alameda Health System?


Debbie Falzone: I feel it is important to have a hospital in Alameda, and if the merger will keep the hospital open, it should be approved. I’m not a native Alamedan but have lived here for 34 years and can’t imagine not having the hospital here to go to when necessary.

Thomas Lewellyn: I’m against it. I don’t think the people of Alameda approved a bond to establish the hospital district to first have it acquire a nursing home and now merge it with the county health-care system.

Mark Hovermale: If Alameda Hospital is continuing to run deficits, even with a local taxpayer subsidy, it has to find a solution. It has had a chance to increase revenue by introducing new services and bring in an efficient management team. If these initiatives haven’t worked, and a merger provides a solution, I’m all for it. Otherwise, I see no benefit of a merger.

Claudia Perkins: I’m grateful to have Alameda Hospital continuing in our community. There have been times where my family might have qualified for frequent-flyer status in the ER or other services at Alameda Hospital. It’s comforting to know medical services are available on the Island within a short drive. I’m hopeful that the partnership the Alameda Health System will keep our local hospital viable and sustainable for the future.

Don Peterson: I didn’t know about the merger. I can say that I think it was a big mistake for the taxpayers of Alameda to fund and to create a hospital district. If merging with Highland can give relief to the taxpayers, I’m all for it. I do think that Highland Hospital gives a much higher level of care than the Alameda Hospital.