Favorite Entryways to Alameda

What’s your favorite way to enter Alameda, and why?



Phil Jensen: My favorite way to enter Alameda is by the Harbor Bay ferry. The ride is relaxing, and the spectacular scenery in all directions never gets old. By car, I prefer entering across the Fruitvale Bridge. The traffic is lighter from the freeway, and the scenery on the way in is at least of neutral appeal, not true of all routes.


Pat Russi: My favorite way to come onto the Island is over the Bay Farm Island Bridge, because you get to see the beautiful Chuck Corica Golf Course, the Veteran’s Memorial Park, and more importantly, you get spectacular Bay Area views of the San Francisco Bay and San Francisco skyline. If timed right, you can see some of the most gorgeous sunsets from there as well.


Jennifer Bowles: My favorite way to enter Alameda is via the ferry. Left behind are the frustrations of traffic, noise, urban congestion, and visual chaos, replaced with the tranquility of the Bay and visual interest of marine activity. Arriving by water is an obvious announcement of the special place our city island holds in the S.F. Bay. My second choice is coming over the High Street Bridge. I breathe a sigh of relief as I drive over the Alameda estuary with its calming views of water and marine activity, and then through the forested haven of Gibbons Drive, safely back on the Island. I wish all entries into Alameda announced, “Here is special,” and reflected our unique island identity.


Jillian Saxty: I like to arrive in Alameda from the water, landing on Crown Beach on my surf ski (kayak). It’s a wonderful way to see how long and beautiful our coastline is and have a real sense of Alameda’s place as an island in the Bay. It’s great to see more and more people enjoying water sports here. Again, we are an island, after all.


Dian McPherson: Oh, how I wish there were a pretty answer to that. I have heard some say that our unsightly approaches ensure the Island’s anonymity. If forced to make a choice and give directions to visiting dignitaries, I would suggest crossing the High Street Bridge and then traveling down Gibbons Drive.