Film Fest at Chabot Amuses Kids and Adults

The Bay Area International Children’s Film Fest screens animation, live-action, and more film forms to appeal to youngsters and adults.


Photo courtesy of BAICFF

As an adult, it’s hard to connect with your kids when they’re watching their stories on the TV, or, since they’re kids, the tablet or smartphone. You like quality movies with plots and characters and documentaries with real life information. And kids? They like video game play-throughs, prank channels, and algorithm-produced Chinese YouTube videos of Elsa giving wedgies to Spiderman. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that both adults and kids could enjoy? Maybe it’s time to give the kids a taste of some quality entertainment that’ll engage as well as amuse.

Billed as a playdate for the imagination, the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival has been showcasing the best in whimsical, magical kids films from around the world since 2009. From animation to live action, these movies run the gamut of forms with something to appeal to every member of the family.

Previous years’ featured films have included a stop-motion tale of owls and lemmings based on Inuit legends, a documentary about kids using social media to change the world we live in, and even a short movie about a runaway toilet made entirely with Legos that was written by a third-grader. Kids do love toilets, after all. Feb. 24-25, 10 a.m., adult $25, youth $14. Opening night special event: Feb. 23, 7-9 p.m., adult $12, child $6. Chabot Space & Science Center, 1000 Skyline Blvd., Oakland,