A Perfect After Dinner Drink

Celebrate the start of something new with the Charles & Weinstein.


Owners Hana Hayashi (left) and Hortensja Mitura make a Charles & Weinstein at The Cat House.

It may be tradition to ring in the new year with a flute of bubbles, but for 2017, there's a new way to celebrate. So gather your January jubilation and make your way to Lakeshore Avenue’s The Cat House. A dimly lit space with gold chandeliers, ornamental wallpaper, and a personal patron saint (see the painting of a woman, her cat, and a cocktail), this new venue is serving original drinks that suit the winter season. The perfect beverage for a chilly East Bay evening is the Charles & Weinstein, a rye-based glass of goodness created by co-owners Hortensja Mitura and Hana Hayashi.

“It’s a perfect after-dinner drink,” said Mitura. “It’s very spirit-forward. It’s Manhattan-esque in a way, but still has a nice cherry note to it.” Along with the subtle cherry comes the splendid addition of coffee, which surprises the palate in a wonderful way. The flavor approaches in a rush, rolling over the tongue and falling into the mix of whiskey and bitter liqueur. If there is a beverage worthy of being the first of the new year, this is it.

Hayashi added, “I feel like spirit-forward drinks, especially the darker spirits, are good for colder weather. They warm you up a little bit more. It’s not a warm cocktail, but it’s a warming cocktail.” The thoughtfulness of the designation Charles & Weinstein will warm your heart while the ingredients indeed warm your body. The drink is named for well-known Oakland restaurateur Charlie Hallowell and business partner Richard Weinstein, who helped Mitura and Hayashi launch the bar. In fact, every cocktail on the menu is a tribute to someone’s generosity and support. These new business owners are showing their appreciation in delicious form. And it’s reason enough to raise a glass of 100 proof whiskey, welcome in 2017, and celebrate.



Charles & Weinstein.

Charles & Weinstein

1 ounce Rittenhouse 100-Proof Rye

¾ ounce Chateau du Tariquet Armagnac

¾ ounce Agricanto Cherry Liqueur

½ ounce St. George Bruto Americano

Bar spoon of Varnelli Caffè Moka

Put all ingredients into a stirring glass with ice and stir. Then single-strain over fresh rocks in a chilled spirit glass. Garnish with a lemon peel.


Published online on Jan. 20, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.