An Inspired Mezcal Sour

Seawolf Public House beckons with a smoky-sweet cocktail for summer.


Photo by Lori Eanes

It’s true that change can be tough, but sometimes it’s just what’s needed to re-invent a historic venue. This is case in point for Seawolf Public House, which has anchored itself in a multistoried 1882 Victorian building that was formerly a popular police hangout, The Warehouse Bar & Grill. Today, it’s boasting a fresh paint job, a complete renovation, and a delicious bar menu that includes a refreshing, dreams-of-the-beach-inspired Mezcal Sour.

A perfect cocktail for a summery, cloudless day, the beverage has a dangerously drinkable sweet and smoky flavor that pairs easily with a lazy brunch of carnitas and sweet potato hash or a happy hour with crispy mac ’n’ cheese balls. Inside the hugely spacious restaurant, you’ll catch a nautical Jack London vibe that, when mixed with the citrus and fire taste of the drink, just feels like you’re relaxing by the water. And you are, because the estuary is only two short blocks away. But with the Mezcal Sour, it’s like you could be steps from a lakeside picnic or the tides of a tropical island. No matter where you’re relaxing, after one sip, you’ll want another Mezcal Sour.

Photo By Lori Eanes

Arianna Rogers.

Bartender Arianna Rogers compares the flavor to casual parties around an outdoor grill. “June is starting to get into barbecue season,” she said. “The Mezcal Sour is a great option for hanging out in the backyard.” The cocktail is especially fun because it features house-made pineapple-Sriracha syrup that balances out the combination of sweetness and smoke. “The St. Germain and Lillet add a beautiful floral note that comes through in the final drink,” she said.

If you were a fan of the former bar, you’ll feel comfortable becoming a regular here. The back wall still dons prominent memorabilia from the restaurant’s days as a law enforcement lounge, an authentically welcoming air. It remains an Oakland gem that continues to re-create itself and redefine summers by the sea.

Seawolf Public House, 402 Webster St.,


Mezcal Sour


1 ounce mezcal

.5 ounce Lillet

.5 ounce St-Germain

1 ounce lime juice

.75 ounce pineapple Sriracha syrup

Pineapple slice and leaf, for garnish


Combine all ingredients except the pineapple garnish in a shaker, add ice, and shake to chill and dilute. Fine-strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a pineapple slice and pineapple leaf.


Pineapple-Sriracha Syrup

Remove heart and leaves from a pineapple and purée remaining pineapple. Add the pureed pineapple to a saucepan and bring to a light boil. Add 1 cup of water and one cup of sugar and allow the mixture to boil until reduced by one-third. Fine-strain pineapple syrup and add 3 tablespoons of Sriracha. Allow to cool (you may have to adjust the amount of Sriracha, depending on the sweetness of the pineapple).


Published online on June 29, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.