San Leandro's San Francisco Salt Co. Nears World Domination

... of the kosher-salt industry, that is.


Image: Kristan Lawson

The 2020 Global Kosher Salt Market Report is hot off the presses — and reveals that the world's second-most-important kosher-salt outfit right now is San Leandro's own San Francisco Salt Company.

According to the report, SFSC is topped only by saline superpower Morton Salt. 

Ranging from sea salts in such flavors as black truffle, lemon-rosemary, sriracha, and hickory to pure French grey sea salt and "Sherpa pink" Himalayan salt, SFSC's products are not only kosher, but also organic and GMO-free

Every year, the report makes assessments and predictions for the kosher-salt industry worldwide — citing frontrunners and rising trends, as well as the overall volume of the industry itself. 

Sections of the report investigate industry sub-genres such as kosher-salt flakes, smoked kosher salt, and kosher-salt crystals. 

Other frontrunners announced in the report include — in order of major-player status — Utah-based Redmont, Inc.; Minnesota- and Ireland-based Cargill, Inc.; China-based Qingdao Huifenghe Msg Co.; Canada-based Flavor Delite Inc.; Massachusetts-based Marblehead Salt Co.; Thailand-based Thai Refined Salt Co. Ltd.; Germany-based K+S Windsor Salt Ltd.; Washington-based Saltworks Inc.; and Kansas-based Natural Minerals.