Word on the Street: Praise for Alameda Police

Locals think their boys in blue are doing a great job.


What’s your opinion of the Alameda Police Department?

Sara Zehnder-Wallace: I admire so many people working at APD. I think they embody the best of what we value here in Alameda: intellect, diversity, compassion for others, and a commitment to justice. An APD uniform means your rights and liberties; your life, in fact, will be protected. And the work they do is dangerous. It’s no small thing to be a cop.

Dian McPherson: I have been a resident for over 20 years. Our local guys, in my opinion, are the best. I’ve only had to call them twice in the last 20 years for minor issues, and they could not have been more professional. They arrived in minutes and knew exactly what to do. Five stars.

Kyle Conner: My experience with the Alameda Police Department has been excellent. They have always been very responsive and proactive in the community, both on a personal level and as related to the needs of our business [Alameda Theatre].

Wendy Mariani: We are truly blessed with our local police department. I am a native Alamedan, having grown up in the West End of Alameda. I attended our public schools and worked for the Alameda Unified District for 20 years. Our Alameda Police Department became our friends, and better yet, they protected our city like family. I helped implement the SRO [Student Resource Officer] program for AUSD, and I have nothing but praise for our APD. I have many side stories from my days with the unified school district about all the good and caring deeds I witnessed from the officers. I think we are safe as can be in these horrific times. 

Dino Muzio: Honestly, I miss the days when the policemen knew your name and they were really family oriented. It really was like Mayberry in Alameda when I was growing up. Now, I don’t recognize any of police officers, because not many live in town anymore, and that’s probably just a sign of the times. But more importantly, I feel as safe as ever in Alameda.

Barbara Cones: All of my experiences with the APD have been favorable. I love how they respond immediately. I polled some of my friends, and their experiences were also positive. The Alameda police are very nice, even when they are giving you a ticket.

Published online on Sept. 22, 2016 at 8:00 a.m.