Westbrae Biergarten Makes a Splash

Owners Carl and Linda Lasagna build a welcoming, neighborhood space for all to enjoy.


Photo by Ramona d’Viola


Kids, dogs, bikes, and beer. Life doesn’t get much better. Add delicious food in a convivial outdoor venue, and you’ve got an instant hit.

Northwest Berkeley’s Gilman Street neighborhood rejoiced when Westbrae Biergarten opened for business at the corner of Curtis Street, bringing new life to an area of curio shops and weedy lots.

Whether you’re a novice or connoisseur, the ever-changing variety of fresh, local craft beers and a smattering of Old World imports prove interesting and well-rounded. Anchored by the award-winning food trailer restaurant, Pedro’s Brazil Café, this friendly beer garden lives up to its name. And just about any beer on the menu goes with Pedro’s famous tri-tip sandwich.

Ride, roll, or walk, this family-friendly venue makes it easy to cover your communal bases with family, friends, or significant other. Set your progeny free in the Kids Only zone for some well-deserved grown-up time, and uninterrupted conversation over beers.

Take your pick of where to sit. Warm up by the fire pit, dine at shady picnic tables, or just chill while hoisting a man-size mug in relaxed, Adirondack-style chairs. Owners Carl and Linda Lasagna envisioned a welcoming, outdoor space for the neighborhood to enjoy. By all accounts, mission accomplished.

Westbrae Biergarten, 1280 Gilman St., Berkeley, 510-647-9079, www.Westbraebiergarten.com