Alamedans Combat Drought

Word on the Street polls residents on their water-conservation efforts.

Rubin Tilos: I have converted some of my grass areas to artificial lawn and a putting green. Eventually, I plan to convert all of my grass areas to artificial lawn, which will look great, saves on water, and does not need to be mowed. All of my toilets are now water efficient, and I’ve been taking shorter showers.

Marla Lee: The drought was a wonderful excuse to replace my brown, weedy front yard lawn with gorgeous, drought-tolerant, sun-loving, low-maintenance perennials such as silver carpet-like Dymondia, nectar-rich Lessingia and Teucrium, hummingbird-loving Salvias and Russelia, evergreen Carex grasses, and leafy, rosette-like succulents. Plus, EBMUD issued a $220 credit for my conversion and a shift from everyday watering to three times per week.

Lynn Thomson Wilton: I shower in less than two minutes. I don’t think most folks realize how long they lollygag in there, daydreaming with the water running full blast. If you’ve never done it, start with a timer. Have everything ready and don’t start the water until you get in. Challenge yourself and see how short you can make it. Your reward will be in your next EBMUD bill!

Dan Elshire: As can be seen by looking at our front yard, we have lived by the “brown is the new green” and have reduced the water times and cycles per week for the rear lawn. We have also reduced/eliminated washing the cars at home.

Jeff Goodman: We have cut back watering our yard to two times per week from three times and limit our showers to three minutes. No more baths. We also turn off the water while brushing our teeth and limit running water as much as possible. Our monthly water usage has been reduced 15 percent by doing those little things.

Nancy Lewis: Every day we fill buckets while waiting for hot water in our showers and sinks. We got a barrel, made for storing rain water, to store the water and are using it to water potted plants. I consider hauling those buckets around as part of my weight-training regimen.

This article appears in the October 2014 issue of Alameda Magazine
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