Stefanie Kalem

Camino’s Old Cuban Is the Perfect Summer Drink

Oakland’s celebrated Camino is named for the fire over which its food is cooked—“camino” means “fireplace” in Italian—but it may as well be named for the discernible route each ingredient takes to your table. And there are other, more circuitous roads being mapped at the wide-open, woody Grand Avenue restaurant. “One of the things that makes this place unique,” says bartender Martha Chong, “is the relationship between the kitchen and the bar and the pastry department, all sharing ingredients.”

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Doble Bar’s Feather Weight Shim

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration. And yet, observes bartender Jessica Moncada, “The most celebratory aspect is often overlooked.” Moncada was surprised to discover that with the high-end, eco-friendly weddings she assists in planning, the bar was often an afterthought. So she and Zoe Carrasco—who met when they were the first female bartenders to be hired at Flora—started Doble Bar to provide special events of any size with customizable, highly personal cocktail experiences.

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