Wanda Hennig

The Iceman Createth

You have to be gung-ho, in-the-moment creative and a risk-taker to be an ice sculptor. That it is an extreme art form becomes clear chatting with Dana Eng, who has been making his glinting multifaceted ephemeral creations since the 1970s, which is when the third-generation San Franciscan moved to Oakland.

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Souley Vegan

Okra, tofu and vegan — an unlikely trio, thinking of marriages made in food-heaven. You must have heard the comments about okra: “Oh, no — it’s so slimy.” And tofu? On it’s own, it’s bland to the power of zero; experimented with, tofu’s versatility is boggling.

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Too Many Cooks?

When eight East Bay culinary divas stir the pot and spill the beans, what you get is a sizzling stir fry of raucous
musings, candidness, collaboration, ebullience and deliciousness.

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