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Capone’s Speakeasy before it closed.

What should go into the former Wells Fargo/Capone’s Speakeasy building on Park Street?

Gina L. Delgadao: I’ve always thought that Alameda could use a good steakhouse, and I think that space would be a perfect place for one. The dining scene in Alameda has gotten quite good, but a steakhouse is missing, in my opinion. Because the space is so large, it really needs good designers to warm it up and make it feel less cavernous. Having some live music in the bar area would be a bonus. There’s wonderful potential there.


Michael Studebaker: I’d like to see that corner have something special, as it is the center of Park Street downtown. What I really like is how Park Street has changed since the theater came back and draws a younger crowd. The mood is very informal, and a welcoming restaurant that caters to this crowd would go over well. I envision a Scobie’s on steroids—gastro pub favorites that are already so popular could be expanded to oysters and inventive salads, a great selection of representative local beers, craft cocktails, and a fun, welcoming space like Drake’s in Uptown Oakland.


Nina Le: I’d like to see a good clothing store like the Gap go in that space, which would meet the needs of all ages. It would be really convenient to have a store like that locally. Another idea is a Crate & Barrel Outlet or something similar. Alamedans would support these higher-end places if given the chance. That space is so huge it and so well located, it needs something great.


Shah Mahesh: I think an international food court would be ideal in that space. I don’t think one restaurant alone can survive in that huge building. Having lots of choices of cuisines with a seating area is my suggestion.


Christina Than: An H&M clothing store would be great in that space. Their clothes are affordable and stylish, and they cater to both men and women. The size of that space would accommodate an H&M beautifully.


Ron Arth: I think it would be a shame for anything but a restaurant to go in there after all of the renovations made to the building. Personally, I would love to see a nice seafood restaurant in Alameda, along maybe with a wine bar.


Published online on Oct. 19, 2016 at 8:00 a.m.