Ban the Leaf Blowers

Ban the Leaf Blowers

Readers want the city council to put a stop to them.

Those Hated Leaf Blowers

Please ban leaf blowers!!! [“Blowing in the Wind,” October]

—Susanne Norton La Faver​

They are horrible, loud, and messy! I agree!!

—Jaimie Orfanos

Fine Artist

Amy [Tanathorn] [“Balm for the Soul,” October] is a super-talented, always-growing and incredibly kind artist living in the Bay Area! Love her and her work!

—Jessica Warren

Kiva Fan

I have enjoyed Kiva bars [Take the Edge Off,” October] for years and haven’t drunk alcohol in years because it brings on migraines.

—Amelia Amy Rose

Recalling Brennan’s

Enjoyed many an Irish Coffee there [at Brennan’s]! [“Is Irish Coffee Irish,” October]

—Peggy Brown

Positive Words From the Author

I love this profile/write-up of The Golden State [Documenting Motherhood and More,” October]

—Lydia Kiesling

Men’s Group

This sounds like a positive group of men [“Going in Circles,” October]. Good luck to them in fighting their ticket and continuing their open communication with each other!

—Jaimie Orfanos

Drake’s Supporter

Glad I helped out [“Drake’s Unveils Huge Sacramento Space,” October] by drinking a six-pack of Degnogginizers a day.

—Dan Wilson

Eliminate Bias

I was disappointed to read several stories that smelled of what could only be called “advocacy journalism.” … [T]his is not what I want from my journalism. I am particularly offended when I see tropes like “some say,” and “many people believe” used to inject what appear to be the writer’s own opinion into a piece.

I don’t expect you to shy away from real issues. But I would hope they would treated seriously and with the complexity, open-mindedness, depth, and variety of viewpoints many of them deserve (and not just “on the one hand, on the other hand,” either). I know good journalism like that is not easy to produce.

It’s the job of the editors to make sure [this] bias doesn’t slap us in the face [or] you should label [this] work “opinion.”

Please eliminate this cheap form of bias and raise your sights higher. Obvious advocacy journalism rather than real journalism cheapens you, and it does no service to us.

—Ken Olofia​